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Popular names of construction equipment

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Discover the unique and fascinating world of construction equipment in Saudi Arabia! From the Khinzeera strings used to mark out sites, to the Atla lever for moving heavy objects, and the Dinqala container for mixing materials, colloquial names play a vital role in facilitating communication between workers and contractors. This article delves into the local heritage behind these names, and how they reflect the cultural character of the working community. By understanding and using these names correctly, a harmonious working environment can be achieved, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity on construction sites. Don’t miss out on this insightful exploration of popular construction equipment names in Saudi Arabia!

Types of Engineering Contracts

Types of Engineering Contracts : The 5 Main Types of Construction Contracts

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The engineering projects involve many professionals like engineers, owners, architects, designers, suppliers, contractors, or subcontractors. Since every party has its own choices or interests, it is essential to create a legal document. A document that guarantees security for each party involved in the project. That is an engineering contract! Let’s discover these types of Engineering Contracts. To assist you in getting familiar with your project choices, we have already explained the different types of Construction Contracts commonly used. Plus, this post will allow you to know exactly when to consider a specific type of contract for your project.

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The Difference Between Architect and Engineer | الفرق بين المهندس المعماري والمهندس

The Difference Between Architect and Engineer

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Designing an attractive building requires the involvement of both professionals, the architects, and the engineers. Both experts work on similar kinds of design projects. So, it might get confusing for you to understand the actual difference between both jobs. That is why the detailed guide to the difference between architect and engineer is here for you.

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