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INJ celebrates its 15th anniversary

إحتفال موقع INJ بمرور 15 عامًا على تأسيسه

The anniversary of its founding is the architectural design website “INJ”, which was founded in 2007.

To celebrate this occasion, INJ revealed the new logo design for the site to replace the old one.

إحتفال موقع INJ بمرور 15 عامًا على تأسيسه
INJ celebrates its 15th anniversary

Basic letters of the office’s name were taken in the old logo,

based on the first letters of the founder’s name, as is customary in most international consulting offices.

The previous design was in early 2008, taken from the golden unit, on the scale of the golden square.

And that in the proportions and proportions of the comfortable unity of the geometric form.

But the logo was developed in the shadow of this golden unity, in 2018.

INJ’s new logo

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding, the logo was developed based on the new shape,

with the same golden unit scales.

Curves elements related to the office’s architectural design line have also been added.

The new logo was also inspired by one of the projects, which the office designed and implemented with the same unity and proportions of the new logo.

إحتفال موقع INJ بمرور 15 عامًا على تأسيسه
INJ celebrates its 15th anniversary

INJ’s expertise in architectural design

INJ Architects has been providing modern architecture and interior design services since 2009.

This is based on careful studies of all the visual elements,

the elements that contribute to the architectural design and its potential cultural impact.

We guarantee the functionality, attractiveness and efficiency of both the interior and exterior designs of all projects.

The architectural design process also includes many studies and stages to develop the idea of ​​architectural design.

Where architectural design methods are always subject to the most important factors,

which are the client’s taste, location and architectural competence.

In addition, one of the most important rules for the office is innovation and creativity; you will not be able to discover similar projects.

So when we create a new architectural design, it is important to make sure that it aligns with the client’s vision and does not repeat anything that was used in a previous project.

Ibrahim Joharji
A Saudi architect who established his architectural activity in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 2008 after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s in Project Management. Rocks and mountains are an essential part of Ibrahim Joharji’s culture, as he grew up in a mountainous city, and his family’s mountain house is considered an essential part of the architectural landscape, as it is famous for The Makkah region, with its strong rocks and the hardness of high rocks, and this makes surpass large part of the challenge in reading the contour and dealing with heights a personal one for the architect and the designer to show something unique. Ibrahim Joharji also bears the title of his family profession, which means (Joharji), and he is proud to be from the fifth generation in The field of selling jewelry, which represents his personal interest in dealing with precious and super rare things
Ibrahim Team designed and built five hotels in Makkah and some luxurious palaces in addition to a residential villa. the team is also proud to construct the largest building for the Ministry of Interior in the city of Yanbu. The rarest activity in which he specializes in the design and construction of helipads around the Kingdom. And in cooperation with the government sector and private companies

We make sure of this while still being able to highlight potential improvements and modifications, which may be useful for architectural design projects.

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