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Six Reasons to Study Architecture

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Six reasons to study Architecture | ستة أسباب لدراسة العمارة

The number of architecture graduates joining the workforce is increasing year by year; thousands of people become licensed architects every year, and the rate is still growing. That, however, does not hide the fact that architecture school is difficult. If you are interested in knowing six reasons that motivate students to choose architecture, keep on reading!

Reason #1: Diversity of study

A blend of practical crafts and historical theory means architecture degrees perfectly blend the arts and sciences. Once you become a student of architecture, you will be able to learn about the link between geopolitics and the design of historic buildings, why context may change the way a building is constructed, and how to calculate angles, use equations, and analyze diagrams. This will leave you with a broad skill set upon graduation.

Reason #2: Knowledge and experience

A degree in architecture will give you the knowledge to plan buildings, match pre-existing structures and provide efficient services. You will learn how to consider the environmental impact of what you design and think about how you can reasonably implement those designs.

Several courses in an architecture degree offer years of employment, where you can work with a qualified architects and learn directly from them. This is a real plus because this type of professional education is rare.

Reason #3: Make a difference

Architects have a pivotal impact on societies and the people who live in them. They design recreation centers, schools, apartment complexes, etc. Simply call the many structures that people need to live, learn and enjoy themselves in. Study this field, and you might work for something really useful.

Reason #4: Teamwork

Studying architecture involves a lot of teamwork. You may often find yourself in the middle of a group project, where you have to coordinate with others to achieve a group goal. This is not easy, but it helps develop transferable skills in empathy, understanding, delegation, communication, and leadership.

Reason #5: Travel

Studying architecture will show you a long and illustrious list of creative, unique, and meaningful wonders that are hand-made and from every corner of this planet. In your first year, you will likely study structures in some of the largest cities in the world, such as Paris, London, and Barcelona. Since a lot of the subject matter is taught by going out and getting inspired, you will likely have opportunities to visit these cities and experience the buildings firsthand.

Reason #6: Contact time

Architecture courses are defined through individual lessons and workshops. Most courses rely on regular feedback and constructive criticism that encourages incremental improvement. Teachers spend time with you and are usually very affordable.