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Three Tips on How to Develop Design Concepts in Architecture

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Three Tips on how to Develop Design Concepts in Architecture | ثلاث نصائح حول كيفية تطوير مفاهيم التصميم في العمارة

A question architecture students and architects get all the time is “What is your design concept?” The answer to this question is an extremely significant part of most architectural designs because it represents the idea behind every design, what it represents, for whom it was made. Design concepts in architecture can convey a certain message or feeling. Designs with strong concepts always tend to stand out from the crowd. But the main concern here is: how do we even come up with a concept for our architectural design? If you are looking for an answer, here are three tips that can help you.

Tip #1: Read books

People always say there is no friend as loyal as a book. Books act as portals to the vast world around us. Even in the field of architecture, there is no dearth of books on every subject imaginable. If you are looking for a concept, books are an excellent starting point. Researching the various ways in which ideas can be generated and implemented is always a good start. Especially architectural books; can help you shape the concept of your architectural design and give you the basics of design and shaping spaces. Furthermore, books can provide you with context through examples and studies. You may also be able to get inspired by a picture you see in a book, leading you to a great architectural concept.

Tip #2: Draw your thoughts

The architect cannot be separated from his/her drawings. It is such an essential piece of an architect’s identity that a lot of well-known architects are recognized only by their architectural sketches alone. Sketching has a significant role in helping you design a meaningful concept of your architectural project. When you draw, your brain is thinking and that thought is drawn almost instantly by your hands. This allows you to express thoughts that you may have on your mind but cannot fully understand. Drawing these ideas on paper can give them clarity and simplify your design process. Even if you are not researching for a concept, it can still be a good idea to keep a sketchbook with you in case you find and inspiration for a design concept and are able to sketch it. That way, you can look at your diagrams and find possible ideas from them.

Tip #3: Consider case studies

One of the best ways to have a good understanding of how to come up with architectural design concepts is to study old projects of successful architects that you look up to. You can search for case studies for the type of concept you are looking forward to creating; this can allow you to understand how different architects design according to the different constraints presented to them. If you are not sure how to approach a particular site or context, researching case studies with similar limitations can give you a good view of ​​what to expect and an understanding of how to approach it.