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How to design a double-height living room?

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How to design a double height living room

Luxury is not just the feeling one experiences through different products, furniture, and other items. But it can also be a visual experience. By following the same principle of visual well-being. The double-height can add an air of luxury to the living room spaces to be functional and at the same time modern.

This technique has been practiced for all ages with different experiences, apart from looking good. Helps add another dimension to the entire home. Dynamics aside, the twin heights are an important and exciting part of any structure. With the game of adding solids and spaces to it. Apart from providing the aesthetic appearance of the space, it also helps in maintaining the microclimate surrounding the space. These elements have become an element of luxury thanks to the lack of space and the calculated space for small apartments.

How to design a double height living room

Room for high windows in the living room

Double-height rooms provide additional space for tiered or double-glazed windows. Which in turn allows more natural light into the space. Daylight also creates a feeling of openness in the space. This technique can be implemented to make a small living room look large. Any space that receives plenty of daylight automatically has an air of luxury. And a window frame can help add an interesting look to a space. French panels can give a colonial look in place of the regular glass and metal frame, adding a modern or industrial look to a space.

Make room for a beautiful library

The extra room height achieved due to the stretch ceiling can be used to accommodate a nice library or bookshelf. The library matches well with the living room space and also represents the taste of the residents. The height and operating range of the bookshelf change according to the needs of book lovers. Likewise, matter and feeling can also be changed in relation to the general topic. or inclination of the room. One can go for a full wood bookshelf for a classic or rustic look with some unusual lighting strategies. This work accentuates the feeling.

Create a green wall

With the increasing need for green spaces in interior spaces and the availability of technological developments to do so, it is a good way to take advantage of the double-height of your living room space. The lush green breathing wall is sure to add an air of luxury. In addition, green spaces are always a required component of interior spaces. Avoid disturbing the green wall. You can create a glass wall to separate the living area from the green, giving us the best of both worlds.

The magic of the fireplace in the double-height living room

Fireplaces are always a focal point in space. You can extend the chimney shaft to the full length of the height extending to the ceiling. To make the chimney shaft a focal point, add subtle texture to the roof. Now you have your signature living room that defines luxury and sophistication as it is.

How to design a double height living room

Double Height Living Room Lighting Fixtures

Double-height living rooms give way to impressive pendant light fixtures. One can hang the overwhelming sculpted lighting fixtures from the ceiling. The breadth of the space counterbalances the massive or sculptural size of the light fixture. Thus creating a pleasant harmony in the room. Lighting fixtures can be a collection of miscellaneous fixtures or a modern piece of art. So that it becomes the focal point of the room. The distinct lighting fixtures are sure to add an element of awe. This is how to design a double-height living room!

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