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Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia

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Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia,

The future of architecture is reflected, when passion for art, creativity and style blend with the mindset of the architect.

Where the works that reflect the future of architecture and the full vision of architectural creativity in Saudi Arabia are evident.

There is no doubt that the Makkah Clock Tower and skyscrapers such as

Al Faisaliah Tower, Rafal Tower, Kingdom Tower, as well as the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

are buildings that reflect the creativity and future of architecture in Saudi Arabia.


Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia
Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia



Architecture or building engineering, in English, (architecture) is the science and art of building design and construction,

by which the principles of engineering technology are applied to designs and buildings.

And that is through the use of construction methods and appropriate building materials under the correct urban planning,

which is in line and commensurate with the nature of the cities and surrounding areas.

But it is necessary for the architect to focus on many things such as: design,

building structure, ventilation, exits and entrances, construction, air conditioning, electrical connections.


The architect is an artist who creates beauty and creativity and forms from the void of land, architecture and buildings,

giving the state touches and creative progress

He is also responsible for the design and planning of buildings, homes and facilities,

as he works on developing the details, shape, and division of the exterior and interior of buildings and determining their areas and locations.

Taking into account the nature of the building, the region and the nature of the city,

the latest developments and the consequences of the future of architecture.

 Architecture in Saudi Arabia

The development in the field of architecture is fast and intensely increasing,

which reflects the many patterns of ideologies and culture of society.

This applies to Saudi society, where we find that the current architecture reflects the evolution between Islamic designs,

the development of civilization, the progress of technology, and the artistic creativity of engineers’ designs.

We also find that architecture and building designs continue to grow and modernize,

to make a breakthrough in the history of the future of architecture in all regions and neighborhoods of Saudi cities.

Where the development of buildings and designs appeared strongly in Mecca and the expansions in the courtyards of the Haram,

and this was clearly reflected in the features of Mecca.

This contributed to achieving amenities and expansions that contributed to the organization of Hajj and Umrah.

As for the city of Riyadh, we will find that the architectural development is more pronounced,

as its development was derived from the roots of the city.

The beauty and architecture is reflected in many buildings and towers such as:

Al Rajhi Tower, Granada Oasis, The Ritz Hotel, King Abdullah Financial District.

And other buildings that reflect the development and consequences of the future of architecture in Saudi Arabia and its neighborhoods.

Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia

From the above we note that in recent times there have been rapid and significant developments in the construction sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This made Saudi architects highly sought after, having proven their ability to tackle the problems of new and existing buildings.

In addition to designing, constructing projects and supervising their implementation, architecture is a built and designed system.

The major in architecture is the major that can combine architecture with other engineering disciplines.


Architectural innovations in Saudi Arabia


Study architecture

The study of architecture offers students the opportunity to obtain a specialized engineering education in architecture.

Architects are concerned with the task of combining the different building systems that are available today

due to modern technology and employing them in the buildings in their final form.

Architects specializing in architecture are concerned with building safety, designing and analyzing ventilation,

heating and air conditioning equipment, plumbing and fire protection, as well as electrical, acoustic, lighting and energy conservation systems.

Architecture is a discipline that can combine architecture with other engineering disciplines,

and architects bring together the management skills that are indispensable to successfully developing and implementing new ideas in architectural environments.

In the end, architecture is about blending subtlety and artistry to create buildings of great design.


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