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The Benefits of Synthetic Turf as a Playground Surface

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The Benefits of Synthetic Turf as a Playground Surface

Artificial grass, commonly known as synthetic turf, has advanced significantly in recent years and gained in popularity. Due to its many benefits, it has become the top option in many industries. Here are some factors that contribute to synthetic turf’s popularity as a playground surface: low maintenance requirements, safety, aesthetic appeal, and no mess.

Very Little Maintenance

Playground upkeep can be very pricey. Re-sodding, weeding, watering, and landscaping are often necessary for playgrounds to maintain their aesthetic appeal. With synthetic turf, you only need to perform minimum upkeep once during installation. To maintain the synthetic grass’s neat appearance, prevent wear and tear in high-traffic areas, guarantee optimal usability, and spot any issues before they become serious, costly repairs, maintenance is essential. The best approach to maintenance is to establish a schedule with frequent checks. Sweeping, raking, and leaf blowing are the routine maintenance tasks that are simplest and most popular.


Did you know that every year, more than 200,000 kids under the age of 15 are treated for injuries sustained on playgrounds. 20,000 of the 200,000 kids receiving care have traumatic brain injuries. The usage of high-quality surfaces is the greatest method to stop these kinds of accidents. Poured-in-place rubber, rubber tiles, and artificial turf are examples of high-end surfaces. The turf safety surface created by Perfect Turf includes specific padding underneath it. We can all agree that when bringing kids out to play, safety should always come first.


The appearance of grass on a playground will never be inferior to that of mulch. Compared to playgrounds with mulch or cement, grass generally sees more traffic and seems safer and more pleasant. Speaking of increased traffic, spring and summer are the seasons when allergies are most prevalent. Nobody appreciates taking their children outside to spend time with them only to spend the first part of that time coughing and sneezing. Families may once more enjoy the great outdoors and playgrounds thanks to artificial turf. Family time like that cannot be replaced and ensures that visits to the park are made by families.

Zero mess

Coming home with a mess is one of the major problems with kids playing outside. Kids are more prone to get stains and dirt on their clothes when playing on mulch or even just plain grass. These things require time to clean up, whether it’s mud on their clothes, chips in their shoes, or scrapes. With synthetic turf, you can get the comfortable feel and security of grass without any cleanup!

Synthetic grass continues to change the market by providing kids with fun, secure, and sustainable play spaces thanks to the benefits mentioned above.

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