• DATE: 22/01/2020


  • LOCATION:Saudi Arabia

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FIA Villa:

The interior design of a villa depends on determinants and elements of many tastes, one of the important factors and the customer’s requirements is an essential and powerful element. We always rely on interior designs on choosing materials appropriate to the taste and budget of the client and designing based on the use of efficiency and architectural sustainability of the interior elements Quality of life depends On the quality of housing and the family’s love for each other depends on the home. We study all these elements because the high-life philosophy is fundamental to follow and is considered one of the pillars of the projects’ success, the interest in natural light, the movement of winds, fumes, and smells. Nature is a point that distinguishes the interior design team of our villas.

We also do not see from our point of view that elegant and luxurious architecture depends on expensive materials only, the harmonious combination of high-quality building materials that contain elements that nourish the mind and spirit are the most important to ensure the success of the architectural design and to confirm the interaction between family members, design The serious architect of the luxury villas will contribute directly to the improvement of family cohesion and the ability to quickly produce, we strongly believe that mental health stems from the good design of the house, as for the poor architectural design of the house will bring problems and the overlapping of architectural relations, which is a scratch to the privacy in the home, Excessive luxury with simplicity gives a sense of self-sufficiency, self-confidence and family security, this villa was designed with the aim of bonding between brothers and in order to have permanent relationships between members of the family and over an area of ​​semi-mountainous land within the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods ( Al-Awali neighborhood) To a large extent, we put climatic and geographical considerations into place in order to affect sustainability and to cover the owner’s ambition for uniqueness and thoughtful elegance.

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