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What is Traditional Architecture?

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What is traditional architecture? | ما هي العمارة التقليدية؟

Traditional architecture is a dynamic concept that has changed over the years to address many of the current housing issues in our society. It is the way of building a house using symbols of a particular culture for people who are unique in a special way. Hence, many people fell in love with the traditional buildings due to their special character, location, and history.

The following list includes some advantages which are provided by traditional architecture:

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Traditional architecture is also known as vernacular architecture mainly revolves around the use of environmentally friendly building materials. Today, climate change is a threat in our eyes. Contrary to the case of modern architecture, adapting architecture to local climate codes does a great deal in reducing the carbon footprint. This also includes building homes that are more durable to withstand extreme weather conditions such as storms, earthquakes, landslides, etc.


Traditional architecture is low cost because the materials used are mostly local and natural. Unlike modern architectural designs, the materials required for finishing can be expensive. Moreover, the craftsmanship involved does not require high-tech equipment for processing and installation as in modern architectural design.

This type of architecture also helps maintain a sense of cultural heritage in a particular area. The use of traditional building materials and craftsmanship has certainly proven their durability against weather attacks over time.

Energy-Efficient and low maintenance

One of the basic facts that make traditional construction preferred is that it uses energy-saving materials instead of modern architecture. It is generally considered more durable than modern architecture. For example, structures like stone borders can last a thousand years or more with minimal or virtually no maintenance. Today’s modern architecture designs tend to last only a generation or even less before requiring costly maintenance.

Natural Building Materials

Traditional architecture differs fundamentally from modern architecture in terms of materials and methods of construction and their durability. The materials are energy-saving materials because:

  • Materials are extracted from the earth which needs relatively little polishing
  • In terms of the relative ease with which it is obtained, intended for use in construction
  • In terms of the energy required to move it from its point of origin through the construction site
  • In terms of the energy required to maintain it. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, traditional versus modern architecture is based on an integrated relationship between a structure and its environment.

Correct Architectural Design Prevents Maintenance in Buildings

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