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Here we will share our experiences in designing luxury mansions and apartment buildings, whether it is grouped or compact residential villas for a family of two generations, through our previous experience in this type of project, in 2013 we designed a palace project for a family, where the owner is rarely open to sharing the final designs to the community.

In most cases, privacy and intellectual property rights must be accepted, as the owner has purchased the design and design rights, as this is a fundamental right not to publish the design.

Here, we present the design pattern of one of the previous palaces design projects, which went through many stages,

The design method was different because the beneficiary family set among its requirements the design of a palace in a modern architectural style.

This is sometimes strange because a large class of palace owners when they want to start designing the palace, they turn to the idea of ​​classical construction, which is somewhat undesirable, as it is ultimately a matter of tastes, and we will address it in the following points:-

The first step: study and analysis

Architectural design is a tendency to find solutions to the problem, and when you go to the work of architectural design, you want to find a solution to this problem. In order to arrive at real and correct solutions, data must be available, and in order to design a palace in a correct architectural manner, all available information about the site must be collected.

And the way to deal with these interactions with the climate, the environment, and the external environment, in addition to that, we always follow and try to find a mechanism to deal with the customer’s mentality, because the owner of the palace is a demanding person, and that is normal when you provide services for a housing project that exceeds 70 million riyals.

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

It is very important to take into account most of the details, but through our successful experience in designing the palace architecturally, we divide the study and analysis into two parts: Site studies and areal analysis, the most complex aspect of this issue is the architectural relationships of architectural design.

When several families merge into one space, the architectural designer must provide an independent privacy space for each individual, this space will be very important to the architectural designer, and we always use a computer-based logarithmic system to analyze the areal program, This is what makes it so special and a little complicated.

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

Step Two: Architectural Ideas

As we said in the first step, dealing with a demanding owner is essential, palace design projects must contain different ideas that meet the established budgets and family requirements.

Here we will share our experience by designing 4 design alternatives for one project, and we would like to point out from the beginning that this project was designed in 2013,

It is currently implemented where we tried to keep pace with the character of the design and the way the diversity of open architectural relationships,

As you will notice in the attached four architectural alternatives, there may be some similarities between them. However, they are discordant in terms of relations and combined in terms of the collective goal around one topic and principle.

Because the family must be united and when there are two generations of families, the architect must consider the right interaction, and here another different opinion will be, because most of the architects who design residential villas defend the idea that the architectural relationships of residential villas.

The architectural design of the residential villa project is limited and similar according to their point of view, and this is not true and is a reason for the architectural decline in the field of housing, and make the houses in the form monotonous and non-renewable because it follows a repetitive pattern that may be inconsistent with modernity.

Even most of the most important buildings around the world, which are characterized by great fragrant history, have been developed, reconstructed, and restored because the architectural relations differ.

Therefore, dear reader, do not fall behind the victim and the claims that the design elements are the same, also, the idea of ​​being convinced of this matter will make the dwelling you will build a late step into the heart of every family, every home and every project has a different genetic makeup and fingerprint. This imprint will evolve with the evolution of the thinking and requirements of its owner and beneficiary.

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildingsDesign of palaces and luxury residential buildingsDesign of palaces and luxury residential buildingsDesign of palaces and luxury residential buildings

Step Three: Develop the Architectural Design:

Now you’ll notice that we’re talking sort of about a well-defined architecture, the orientation might be a little different. Some may think that the design should resemble those palaces, one of which we designed in Riyadh, in order for the design to be the design, in fact, this is the error in itself. The program began as the design of a palace project, then evolved into the design of a luxury villa complex.

Can we say that it is an architectural design for a palace? Answer: Yes, because the land area exceeds 2500 square meters, but let’s look at the character and the request, This is what is required.

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

Usually, we have a perception of a certain idea that is difficult to change, but when we look at our architectural requirements, we find that we need something else,

Therefore, most of the owners have a foresight at the beginning of the experiment, and when he contracts with an experienced architect, he will present the survey program, the requirements, and the required activities,

And then the architect is supposed to study, design, and solve these relationships correctly, and through our experience,

We don’t see that the owner of this project was going towards the idea of ​​a building like this one.

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

Fourth Step: Final Development:

Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

When design and architectural relationships become combined and form a distinctive force, it becomes easy to address the rest of the architectural matters and enter into the technical architectural details.

Because the architectural design is a very complex matter in terms of the use of materials and systems, and structural building systems may be used,

Because the spacious areas in the rooms and halls must be large, this is an important matter that must be paid attention to the use of colors and natural lighting depending on the direction of the sun, the movement of sunset and sunrise, and psychological comfort.

Rather, sometimes in such projects we include the method of studying visual identity, we may use the scenography design method to simulate the movement of the guest and visitor, because leaving an impression is very important, The first visit is very important.

Then after many hours of work, study, design, and modification, the final result of the palace design is very important, and architectural details,

As well as studying the maintenance requirements because the most important thing in the success of the building is not to waste more costs in the annual maintenance,

The lower the annual maintenance cost, the more efficient and sustainable the building will be, and most architects at that time did not go to green building solutions and ideas that give solutions to sustainability.Design of palaces and luxury residential buildings

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