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Ten of the Most Popular Architectural Home Styles

There are dozens of architectural designs and styles for homes, look around the country you live in and you will see the countless options for architectural home styles.

Keep in mind, there are several considerations when it comes to designing a home-style such as a climate, neighboring buildings, surrounding landscape, provided space, culture, etc.

We realize how difficult it could be for some people to make a final decision on their architectural home style, so we are here to provide you with some guidance to help you narrow down your choices.

What are ten of the most popular architectural home styles?

In this article, we will go through ten architectural home styles that are currently popular,

and we will provide a summary for each style including some common characteristics.

Style #1: Mediterranean

This house style will instantly make you want to go on vacation in a Mediterranean country.

Its windows take a distinctive shape and the wood blends in beautifully with the white facade,

which is all in harmony with the garden’s plants radiating life and positive energy.

Style #2: Asymmetric roof

Asymmetric ceilings are the perfect way to add a distinctive touch to your house.

This simple idea completely changes the shape of the building and makes it dynamic and eye-catching,

despite the simplicity of the facade materials, which consist of wood and white paint, its shape is really distinctive.

Ten of the Most Popular Architectural Home Styles

Style #3: Prefab wooden house

A gorgeous wooden design can make any house the perfect location for a summer holiday.

It is traditional but wonderful and distinctive in its simplicity; it radiates warmth and psychological peace.

Style #4: Rural character

For those who love an antique rustic feel, this house style is for them as it is made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Style #5: Minimal style house with a flat roof

Now with modern design houses, this minimalist house style is designed with elegant lines,

surrounded by a glass facade, and decorated with a garden around it,

giving it extra space to breathe in addition to a wonderful view of the swimming pool.

It is furnished with modern furniture in distinctive colors.

Style #6: Colorful interface

This eye-catching house style may seem like a game at first.

It is made of wood but has been painted in exotic colors to give the feel of the sea, holiday and freedom.

Style #7: Elegance of minimalist style

Here is another example of minimalist architecture; this elegant small house can cater to a small family.

Black facade with a flat surface to be blocked with a simple character.

Style #8: Modern design with traditional lines

This style represents a modern oasis, an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

The elegant design of the house is complemented by solar cells on the roof,

taking advantage of the bright sun to power the house. A great environment-friendly option.

Style #9: Rural details

The most distinctive feature of this style is the balcony on the second floor,

which allows its occupants to enjoy the fresh air from within the confines of the house.

Style #10: A floating wooden house at the edge of the world

In the end, we bring you an amazing design for a wooden house on the edge of a giant rock.

It was designed very carefully with visible columns and an elegant design.

Ten of the Most Popular Architectural Home Styles


All in all, homes do not have to be big and luxurious, the beauty lies in the details, the architectural design,

the style and the place where the building is located; these are elements that ultimately lead to the comfort of the users and their personalities that appear on the exterior design of the homes.

All of these ten different home styles are listed above;

Mediterranean, asymmetric roof, prefab wooden house, rural character, minimal style house with flat roof, colorful interface, elegance of minimalist style, modern design with traditional lines, rural details, and a floating wooden house at the edge of the world are unique architectural designs for small houses that consist of one to two floors.

They all share one common element, which is simply creativity that draws the attention of passers-by and impresses them.

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