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Combining Architectural Styles

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Combining Architectural Styles | الجمع بين الأساليب المعمارية

If you are an architect, have you ever thought of coming up with a unique architectural design that incorporates two or more different styles If your answer is no, maybe this is your sign that you should try that out.

Combining architectural styles can be caused by several reasons such as a couple with opposing tastes, or a client that likes more than one architectural style, etc.

If you are looking to learn more about this, you are in the right place. In this article, we will present some helpful strategies to you when wanting to combine architectural designs in a house.

What are some strategies/tips for combining architectural design?

Tip #1: create a primary and a secondary style

Before thinking about combining architectural styles or adding an additional style to your current project, it is highly recommended to keep a copy of the primary style and design you had before any additions. This will make the process of combining architectural styles much easier.

Tip #2: simplify the architectural design styles to their basic principles before combining them

This tip is significant as well; it simply follows the “less is more” approach. It can be useful to brainstorm the basic architectural principles you desire and write them down, then you can easily work from there towards designing your future house or villa.

This would most likely make the process less complicating as you will not get confused in the middle of the architectural designing process. You would have a very clear plan of expectations in the building.

Combining Architectural Styles

Tip #3: make sure all combined architectural styles fit your lifestyle

When making a new architectural design for a villa or a house, it is important for you to keep in mind that you will be living in this designed building. It is not only about beauty and style; comfort must also be considered. For instance, building a Victorian home would require cleaning and maintenance every other day. Therefore, it may be too much work for you to keep up with.

Tip #4: do not be afraid to make architectural changes

Sure, making sure that the architectural design you make is final and will not require any future changes or developments, it may still be necessary to make certain changes and add details.

Spending hours to choose and combine architectural styles does not make it final, you can always change your mind even after completing the process. Sometimes, this can be caused by not matching the in-person construction with the design picture or the idea you had in your head.

Tip #5: keep original elements and add new elements

Once you have already chosen a primary style, you can always add new elements and authentic pieces. Those elements and pieces will add character to your home. As a result, if you are concerned about adding too many elements or deleting the original pieces, it is highly recommended for you to keep the original style elements you had at first, then start coming up with ways you can merge the new pieces without having to remove the original ones.

Combining Architectural Styles



To sum up, there are many different architectural styles that you can currently choose from for your future home, whether it is a house or a villa. Remember, the architectural styles you choose and combine will always reflect your personality.

Additionally, it should always be suitable for your lifestyle and fit with the current climate and neighborhood it will be built in.

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