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Architectural Design Basics for Hotels: All the basics

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Architectural design of hotels: : Guide To Hotel Design | أساسيات التصميم المعماري للفنادق

Hotels are the actual foundation of the tourism industry. Any destination can offer fabulous views and the most intriguing adventures. But at the end of the day, people need a place to relax and enjoy. If you see the bigger picture, the architectural design of hotels affects people living in a specific area. Sustainable design and architecture will result in livelihood, job opportunities, and infrastructure required by the community. On the other hand, bad design and architecture will exploit both the environment and the people. To design an incredible hotel that would be a perfect place for people to enjoy, you must know the architectural basics for hotel design.

The Basic Theories of Hotel Architectural Design

The Basic Theories of Hotel Architectural Design


The architectural design of hotels has two main parts, the front-of-the-house, the back-of-the-house. Remember, both are equally important.


The front-of-the-house is an area that visitors will get to see and experience. It includes places like the lobby, restrooms, dining spaces, corridors, hotel rooms, etc. The entrance hall of the hotel design creates the first impression and leaves the most lasting impression. It sets the mood of the visitors. Providing a guest room is the basic service that every hotel has to offer. The priority is the size of the room; the more spacious room, the more elegant appearance.

The restaurants are the deciding factor of staying longer for the guests. It could be a restaurant having a swimming pool or facing a beachfront. Additionally, many hotels provide transport services from the hotel to the airport, or vice-versa. It is a significant factor, especially for international tourists.


Everything the visitor expects and must get falls in this part. Like clean beddings, supplies for the restaurants perfectly maintained air-conditioning systems.

Also, it includes the interior, the furniture, the structure, and the waste management system of the hotel. Some other crucial factors are housekeeping, laundry facilities, food, security, and mechanical services. Locally sourced services and products are preferred.

Consideration Factors of the architectural design of hotels



The design considerations for hotels assist the designers in adding the universal design principles and implementing requirements of the building. There are four common hotel designing considerations that you should be familiar with:

Attractive Look

The external appearance will create the image of the brand or hotel. The vibe created by the appearance will decide whether the guest would like to stay or not. Appealing look assists the hotels to stand out among their competitors by creating a perfect image in public minds.

It includes other factors also, like the site location, theme, etc. While some guests would like a vintage touch, others might seek a more advanced design. You have to figure it out by yourself by analyzing the likes and dislikes of the visitors.

Efficient Design

An efficient plan uses the resources and space by following the ideal way possible. The efficient design of any hotel must be aesthetically appealing as well as functional. The flow of the activities of the guests and the staff should be well-managed. Offer the services in a way that all the designing and layout principles are satisfied.


For designing any hotel, you need a perfectly planned budget. A budget is a plan that incorporates the required costs from the beginning to the end of the project. The management and availability of funds are the factors to consider in the designing process.

Incredible Craftsmanship

Incredible craftsmanship refers to the skills required for the execution of the hotel designing plan. Also, quality materials are mandatory for designing the architecture of the hotel. The understanding of the locally available craftsmanship, quality of materials, and skillsets are essential.  You need the right workers with the required expertise to execute activities like constructions, painting, lighting, woodworks, plumbing, carpentry successfully.

Final Words about Hotel Design

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The hotel designing concept is rooted in customs of hospitality to tourists back to ancient times, and building different types of hotels is a tradition followed by many cultures. The right architectural design will prompt exciting guest experiences.  Happy clients will leave outstanding reviews, and these reviews will result in more sales. It’s simple logic!

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