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When is an economically useless architectural design?

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economically useless architectural design - التصميم المعماري غير مجدي اقتصاديًا

Design is not about how beautiful it looks, but it is more about how effectively it works. An economically useless architectural design if the construction expenses are higher than the desired outputs and results. The economy deals with the consumption, distribution, and production of goods and services in exchange for wealth. The growth of the economy is of great importance as it increases the wealth of society.

People with trading earn more income that makes them spend more for their well-being. That improves the living style and helps them exit poverty. The architectural design and historical structure generate revenue. They attract people and give a boost to tourism as well.

The economically useless architectural design is the one that does not return desirable results for an architect. While considering the architectural design plans, we mainly focus on durability, maintenance, and spaces. But we hardly analyze the capital gains and revenue increment. Architecture is much more than just the designing structure.

In the present fast-growing population increases the worth of land. Any development occurring on the precious land conveys an additional obligation of improving the economy of that land. Architectural designs can improve capital gains and generate revenue for society. These architectural designs can also be useless on various grounds and end up giving nothing for prosperity.

Several reasons make an architectural design economically cumbersome and useless.

· Framing Cost

An architectural design is economically useless if the framing cost is higher. In the start, the framing cost of a building can be unpredictable. The framing cost of a building depends on the size, type, labor, and materials. The proper planning and designing of a building can be economically helpful.

Besides, The bigger the building is, the more costly it will be to outline. Manage the lumber cost, labor cost, and material cost through proper planning. That is the reason why people hire professionals to deal with such issues. As far as material cost is concerned, we see so many alternates of the same materials in the market that can minimize the cost of construction.

· Badly Designed Structures

Tourism generates huge revenues for a society. Buildings that attract people will cause capital gains. On the other hand, poorly designed buildings do not appeal to tourists. It does not add to the needs of society economically. It will also not contribute to economic growth.

Moreover, the structures are visually beautiful to attract the audience. Otherwise, these buildings will be economically useless. These poorly designed structures will involve a massive amount of investment. Also, it can end up giving nothing for the well-being. A properly designed building with less input and more output will be economically beneficial for an architect.

· Unsustainable Architectural Design

Also, an architectural design is effective when it is economically sustainable. The durability and reliability of the architectural design plans are essential factors for architecture. A good design plan provides an environment that attracts and motivates people. An unsustainable architectural design plan has no value, no matter how beautifully constructed if it is not in market demand. It helps to create financial capital by constructing durable and solid buildings that can maintain their worth for a long time. Sustainable circumstances are also directly related to economic development.

· Imported Materials

The whole process of construction relies upon the economical-growth of a society. From the production of materials to the constructed building, the complete construction process involves economic activities. Obtaining building materials from the local market is always a suitable condition for an architect.

Importing the locally unavailable materials used in construction from other countries will be economically useless and cumbersome. It does not generate revenue for prosperity. Though, it becomes expensive when it comes to constructing a building.

· High Maintenance

A weak infrastructure can cause a lot of work to keep a building in a good position. It incorporates the sewage, electric systems, and water supply into the building infrastructure. A weak infrastructure can cause high maintenance daily.

It can be expensive and makes a design economically useless. A well-designed building will cause fewer infrastructural issues that will be beneficial for an architect. If not perfectly designed, the maintenance of an old building can also be costly.

· Time Management

Time management is another significant factor that can make an architectural design and plan useless or cumbersome. If an architect does not follow a proper construction time, he will end up having opposite results.

Managing the time of construction can minimize huge investments. If a building construction takes more time, it will cause more labor expenses and more management expenses. A time-taking design will become useless for generating revenues. Completing a project within a suitable time will be more effective and economically healthier.


In conclusion, Less output with more input results in an economically useless architectural design. The goal of an architect is to design and create beautiful buildings that can attract people and help to build a healthy environment. The architect is also responsible for controlling extra expenses during construction.

The purpose of an architectural design is to boost revenue. It is of great importance for an architectural design to fulfill the needs of buildings and spaces.

People approach professionals to avoid mistakes that can cause different flaws and heavy expenses in constructing a building. So, An architectural design that fails to satisfy the demands results in opposite outputs that can be economically cumbersome and useless.

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