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Apps for Architects: The Use of Project Management Programs & Applications in Architecture

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Apps for Architects: The Use of Project Management Programs & Applications in Architecture | تطبيقات للمهندسين المعماريين: استخدام برامج وتطبيقات إدارة المشاريع في الهندسة المعمارية

All architectural projects require simple communication and smooth workflow. Ideal apps for Architects, usually manage stakeholders, financial planning, budgeting, and every conversation record related to the eventual outcome.

Architectural project management programs and applications may crossover what you have generally expected from some management software, based on the requirements and logistics of construction projects.

However, they have many elements that are explicit to architectural project management in particular. The features that can assist in streamlining processes, workflow, and projects for architectural companies or other firms.

So, here are our top picks for the best architectural management programs and applications.

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It is one of the incredible applications that permits you to share and store object measurements. Utilizing this application is extremely simple. To use this app, snap a photo of the object and add measures like points, angles, dimensions, etc. You can even pin those details with comments for better understanding.

Its cloud function permits you to synchronize projects between different gadgets. You can access records on PC through the Web, team up with others utilizing shared elements. You can send or receive documents via download/get links. My Measures is an absolute necessity for architects and developers.


BIMX is the ideal application for designers and architects. Utilizing the ArchiCAD program to share or present plans to customers and project workers. The application coordinates 2D and 3D for BIM models. You can view the floor design plans, assisting you with better understanding.

You can share BIMX models continuously, so customers can get individual BIMX Hyper-models on any of their gadgets after their architect presents them. This application can be the most valuable tool for the development process.


Teamwork is an organization management framework with triggers to automate your tasks and keep projects moving towards the result. Besides, It is an incredible tool for project planning and group coordination.

The device’s reporting feature is useful for resource management. You can even view reports of every single task by which you can save resources for future projects. It has a precarious expectation to learn and adapt, as discovering the features you are searching for can be difficult. But a few integrations don’t offer the benefit that clients might be searching for their tasks.


You would now be able to make models on your cell phones or tablets. Also, you can make theoretical models rapidly anyplace and whenever. You can even create and alter BIM models on your cell phone by using this app.

If you are not happy with the model quality made in a cell phone, you can send them later. You can even alter them on your PC to further develop them. Also, we will never forget to mention that you can upload it on the cloud and offer it to others through a tap.


This app has features of project management, sales, finance, budgeting, and BI. So, these incredible features make it an ideal choice for architects for keeping all their business programming, processes at a single spot. Extra elements for architects incorporate resource scheduling, task management, and documentation compilation.

This software is not explicitly for architects and design firms. Not all functionalities are significant or valuable for architects. It can take time to filter all the components to discover the data or elements required by you.


It is an application of Autodesk. This app helps draw design plans. You can likewise attract an image to see how your designs would look. If it is tough to draw perspectives, this application gives you advisers for doing it effectively.

In these circumstances, rather than sketching on a paper, you must use this opportunity by using this application to deliver great sketches. This application is ideal for providing digital sketching more professionally.


Wrike is a cooperative work management software intended for innovative organizations to design, oversee, and complete tasks on time.

Project management elements incorporate custom work processes, dashboards, measure streamlining, and coordination functionalities like conversation sheets, discussion boards, and form control. Invoicing feature is missing in Wrike, but it has a built-in time measuring element.


The last-minute altering is a part of our work. There are some shortcomings that we find in our drawings, and we need to alter them. It is PRO CAD editorial viewer and manager that assists you with totally rehashing the sketches. Besides, it gives the power of measuring, editing, commenting, drawing, and viewing your work.

It helps you in area measurement, plan, draw floor designs, and make a sketch. Moreover, when you complete your work, you can email the file promptly. So, it is ideal to use this application when you are not present in your office.


The application is ideal for architects and even architecture students. By using this app, you can get the data of the extraordinary engineering works in all history and the famous architects. You can browse consistently and track down the popular architectures, and get an idea for your design plans.

It incorporates over 100+ pictures based on the time. Aside from the photos, it likewise gives admittance to collect the data of famous architects and architecture. It allows you to add and save photographs and add significantly more pictures of your own to the specific collection.


In conclusion, there is nobody who can excel at utilizing these applications in one go. There is some initial effort engaged at the start. You should spend around 1 to 10 hours mastering these architectural applications and programs. But when these smart apps for Architects become a part of your daily schedule, it begins paying off.

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