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Lean Building Applications

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Lean Building Applications,

Recent research and discussions using Lean Building and LPS applications

have been conducted in many countries around the world such as Nigeria, Ecuador, Chile, and Malaysia.

In addition, attempts have been made to apply lean principles and techniques, to all project management processes.

This includes project delivery system, production control, work structuring, design,

supply chain, project controls, and overall construction project management.

Two Lean Building Principles (Benchmarking and Minimizing Variation in Labor Productivity) have been applied.

The criteria include the disruption index, performance ratio and project management index,

confirming the applicability of lean concepts and techniques to manage manufacturing operations.

They also explained the benefits that can be achieved in improving demand management,

reducing cycle time, increasing productivity, increasing workforce participation, and increasing revenue and profitability.

Lean Building Applications

The results achieved demonstrate the power of lean concepts and technologies and their applicability to operations,

as manufacturers supply bespoke engineering products to construction projects.

How did lean thinking and structuring work improve the design and installation of metal door frames for the prison construction project.


Lean Building Applications


Simulation and software

Computer simulation is used as a tool to assess the impact of applying lean principles to design processes in construction consulting firms.

In order to aid decision-making in the early stages of construction projects,

a LPS-based cloud flow management software system has been identified,

and a set of functional models for the proposed system have been implemented and evaluated.


Lean Building Applications


Lean construction

Lean construction has been around since the late 1990s, but you’ve probably never heard of Lean Construction.

The Lean Construction developers may have been inspired by the trend in software development towards incremental software design and coding.

They came up with a way to produce a predictable workflow on construction projects,

taking ideas from a production line system (Toyota. Lean Construction).

It is planned, designed and built, in smaller parts one by one, using an elaborate approach called the ‘last-plan method’.


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