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It’s time for an architectural revival

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It’s time for an architectural revival حان الوقت لإحياء معماري

Why is it so important to reintroduce old building techniques and art forms?

Traditional architecture has always been about art and how to represent it in many ways. Buildings tell a story, to help preserve local history, and to pass it along to future generations. They were a monument to a unique cultural past from natural, locally accessible materials with regional art and skill. Intricate stone, wood carvings, and aesthetic features were key structures and monuments as architecture grew. In other words, art and color remained a key aspect of traditional architecture in this fashion.

Natural hues of building materials such as red/pink sandstone, white/black marble, and colored slate were used to create the colors. Local color differences were caused by the diversity of colored stones. Natural pigments such as yellow from turmeric, blue from indigo, and white from rice powder were common in decorative artwork. Colorful art was widely common to decorate the inside of significant rooms and such art forms reflected the social structure and cultural character.

buildings of stone 

This type of architectural embellishment also provided jobs for the local populace, fostered a sense of community, and nurtured artistic talent. We ensure environmental awareness by the use of natural materials and locally available resources, as well as a desire to work with and live in harmony with nature.

Unfortunately, many people view today’s architecture as purely functional things with little link to our local culture or community. Technology has resulted in the mass production of building materials and processes, putting our artisans out of work. Such structures will not be able to withstand the test of time.

We must encourage our craftspeople, establish local economies, employ regional materials, and construct buildings that leave a lasting impression if we’re remaining sustainable. Not only would such design inspire and enliven us, but it would also ensure environmental sustainability.

The good news is that we are beginning to see signs of local art and artisan rebirth. Handcrafted materials are not only widely available but also come in a wide range of design and color options. To breathe new life into our built structures, we need to revive analogous crafts.


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