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Homeowners are turning to vintage bathroom designs in 2022,

but with harder-to-work fixtures and sleek touches that provide a practical and relaxing freshness.

  1. Touchless faucets

Faucets are the most popular bathroom upgrade, and their counterpart,

sinks, are seeing more replacements since the previous year.

Where homeowners want to make their space more inviting and elegant with increased functionality and to make their space cleaner,

the homeowner may decide to install a non-touch appliance.

While bathroom fixtures have been affected by supply chain issues,

the variety of products available makes it easy to complete these projects.


The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022
The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022


  1. Trend to organic style

An organic style that emphasizes natural materials, warm, earthy colors,

and plenty of plants, emerged as a major theme in home design in 2020.

It quickly became the top bathroom style, compared to the third kitchen in 202,

as accents that complement this style will continue to appear in bathroom designs,

especially those that embrace a connection to nature.

With skylights increasing attention as a source of natural light, and more homeowners adding plants to their bathrooms.

Earthy greens and aqua blues will also appear in bathrooms,

although monochrome applications are predicted rather than bold and contrasting uses of color.


The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022
The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022


  1. Multi-purpose storage

The desire for spaces that work better is causing many to rethink the layouts in their homes, with access to storage as the main catalyst for this change.

Linen closets, inside the primary bathroom, are a highly sought-after feature by homebuyers.

Over the next three years, bathroom designs will open up to include dressing areas, closets and laundry rooms.

  1. Use modern effects

Regardless of the overall bathroom design, modern touches will be prevalent in 2022.

Although most kitchens and bathrooms today include a personal blend of elements, adding a modern touch is becoming increasingly popular.

A fun and modern lighting fixture can add a dynamic element of surprise, and the modern style is expected to influence vanity designs as well.

These benefits from easy cleaning and an uncluttered look thanks to the minimal lines of a more modern design.


The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022
The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022


  1. Integrating technology into design

With the growing popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets, technology continues to be incorporated into bathroom designs for greater comfort and efficiency.

Wall-mounted digital interfaces, mobile apps, smart shower controls, and heated floors are at the fore in bathroom technology trends for 2022.

Also common in 2022 is a bathroom ventilation upgrade, where exhaust fans that sense moisture and steam, and that operate without the user having to turn them off or on, are a common investment that replaces old ventilation practically and sustainably.

Connected products as small as scales and mirrors will make their way into the bathroom, too.

  1. Improve lighting

82% of homeowners upgrade their lighting fixtures for a brighter bathroom. Aesthetically speaking, the gold and black finishes continue to provide stylish accents.

And white glass is getting stronger as we move away from the popularity of the old Edison filament bulb,” and self-lighting mirrors continue to be a popular choice for bright bathrooms into 2022.


The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022
The latest trends in bathroom designs 2022


  1. Universal design upgrades

You may not realize that many of these trends are linked to universal design principles, which is the driving force behind many bathroom improvements.

More than half of bathroom renovations are made to meet the specific needs of groups such as elderly family members, young children or people with disabilities.

And overall design acts as an important factor influencing bathroom design in 2022, as universal design becomes more popular, homeowners are increasingly aware of the necessary adaptations in their homes.

Incorporated showerheads without rims, handheld showerheads, and benches, while these features are often included in luxury showers, they also fit into the overall design.

Barrier-free bathtubs without strings have become the norm in both new construction and even remodeling.”

They are no longer seen as wheelchair accessible showers, but simply accessible bathrooms.


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