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Swimming pool shower and the best ways to implement it

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With summer coming we all love enjoying the sun and water outside, so if you enjoy your own backyard at home and have a pool,

no matter the model design or pool material; Whether wooden pools, steel pools, or composite pools, after you get out of the pool you’ll want a nice shower to get rid of any residual chemical product like chlorine.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a pool,

but would like to have a cool shower outside to cool off during a warm afternoon, you can do that too.

In addition to using a shower after a shower, using it before entering the pool will reduce the amount of organic matter and dirt that gets into the water.

This will contribute to reducing the use of chemical products as we will affect as little as possible the quality of the water in the pool.

And to enjoy showering this summer, it is not necessary to enter the house,

you only need an outdoor shower for your garden, which is also the perfect complement to any swimming pool.

Tips for bathing in swimming pools

Installing an outdoor pool shower behind your home depends on the space and usage you will be using.

For example, being able to install a portable pool shower that you can move anywhere or creating a base and mooring on the ground if you are going to install it permanently.

As with the pool sun shower, it is clear that the sun shower should be located in a sunny outdoor spot in your garden.

In order to make the most of the effect of the sun to heat the water accumulated in the tank,

the sun shower, as well as the standard pool shower, should be close to the water inlet and drain.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to shower before entering the pool, as it helps keep the water in top condition for bathing.

It’s also important to have clean feet, so you can also add a footstool for removable pools, perfect for placing at the base of a pool ladder.

Swimming pool shower and the best ways to implement it
Swimming pool shower and the best ways to implement it

The foot bath, made of highly resistant blue plastic, allows you to clean your feet just before entering the pool.

This prevents the water from getting too dirty with dirt or grass that may be around the pool.

The foot bath has a non-slip bottom that prevents slips and falls,

as well as a fun design that encourages children to use it.

Swimming pool showers models:

Solar shower

Installing an outdoor solar shower in your backyard, on the terrace, or around the pool is very simple.

You only need a water source and depending on the model,

an anchor on the ground, the solar shower heats the water by solar energy, thus it does not consume electricity.

Among the different models available for sunbathing,

we must mention the aluminum solar showers which can be black or with wooden sides, and the PVC solar showers; Black or wood as well.

Choice of one model or another depends on the use you will be making,

as well as where you will install it and the climate that you have.

The aluminum sun shower is the most durable.

The solar shower contains a tank with a capacity of between 20 and 35 liters,

and it heats the water inside through the energy obtained by the solar energy that its panel is exposed to.

This type of solar shower for swimming pools has a mixer tap that easily adjusts the temperature and water flow rate.

In addition to the large sprayer, some models include a lower bath spout for convenience.

The most diverse swimming pools:

Standard shower

The standard shower is adaptable to any backyard, and only needs to be connected through a hose to draw water,

but does not have access to hot water.

Portable aluminum shower

Among other types of shower, the most basic and economical, but also highly functional, is the aluminum portable shower.

It allows you to shower in the pool or backyard without any installation,

just connect the shower to a garden hose and that’s it.

It is a very light and useful shower, can be carried from one place to another easily,

and installs and uninstalls quickly in the pool or backyard.

The portable outdoor shower has a tripod base that ensures its stability, and it is easily adaptable,

thanks to its adjustable height and adjustable head.

If you have a removable pool at home, the shower with stairs will be very practical and convenient when entering or leaving the pool.

It is very easy to install and adaptable with its adjustable height.

Stainless steel shower head

This type is another type of outdoor shower for swimming pools is the stainless steel showerhead with simple aesthetics.

Thanks to stainless steel, these outdoor showers offer great durability and weather resistance.

With a modern design and attractive rectangular sprayer with anti-calc treatment,

these stainless steel shower heads are extremely easy to install and are available with a foot basin in the bottom of the shower pan.

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