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An Introduction to the Style of Organic Architecture

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An Introduction to the Style of Organic Architecture مقدمة لأسلوب العمارة العضوية

How Does Organic Architecture Work?

The term “organic architecture” refers to a style of architectural design in which structures are modeled after, integrated into, and inspired by their natural surroundings. Instead of attempting to obstruct nature, organic designs instead cohabit with it. Resulting in a composition that both celebrates and engages in dialogue with the natural world. Organic architecture is one that is in harmony with the environment and uses a variety of natural materials and styles to form a unified whole.

What Function Does Organic Architecture Serve?

Achieving a harmonious balance between structures, landscapes, and people is one of the guiding concepts of organic architecture. The goal and concept of organic architecture have a number of characteristics:

  • To establish an integrated ecology. The underlying landscape is not dominated by structures or human footprints in organic designs, which are ecosystems unto themselves. Additionally, the goal of organic architecture is to blend in with the surroundings naturally.
  • Nature is a fundamental influence for interacting with the natural world Organic architecture. Rocks, water, and plants are great symbols for the interdependence of many structures. Furthermore, the natural shapes emphasized the qualities of the materials, showing bare stone and wood—whatever was indicative of the immediate surroundings. Also, the structure of an organic building blends in with its surroundings.
  • To map a space travel route. Light, sky vision, and the outside environment influence the flow. Moreover, window placement is dictated by where the sun shines the most, and open floorplans create environments that are less disrupted by a succession of rooms.

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