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10 Ingenious Ways To Store and Decorate With Mason Jars

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10 Ingenious Ways To Store and Decorate With Mason Jars

Unsure about what to do with all of your excess Mason jars? You can always find a way to use them, whether for adorable decor or practical storage alternatives. Making eye-catching storage and distinctive decor is easy and doesn’t call for special crafting abilities. Find your favorite from the many original Mason jar ideas shared in this article.

spice bottles

You’ve certainly thought of acquiring coordinating spice jars if you desire a perfectly kept cabinet. But if you go to the closest home store, you’ll probably discover that they’re quite expensive. You don’t necessarily have to abandon your desire for a clean, well-organized kitchen just yet. Make a matching set of Mason jars for cheap by upcycling them. For a unified appearance, spray the lids in a complementary color, then name them with a marker.

pencil dividers

Mason jars may be made to look just like store-bought organizers with a few little tweaks. This project is for you if you can paint quite well. You can arrange the pencils neatly and classify them according to color using these charming hand-painted jars.

planter for succulents

Mason jars may be transformed into adorable succulent planters with a little bit of paint and glitter. This concept is ideal if you want to make a sweet gift for someone or adorn your desk. For a shabby-chic feel, use matte paint, and for a distressed appearance, use sandpaper.

an oil lamp

If you prefer natural decor, oil lamps are the ideal DIY solution. Vegetable oil, a jar, and floating wicks are all you need. You may create an aromatic oil lamp that fills your house with lovely scents by infusing the oil with herbs and essential oils.

photo gallery

An excellent choice for showcasing your priceless memories is a Mason jar. It’s a wonderful way to add your own style to your home, or it can be a unique wedding centerpiece.

toothbrush stand

When a matching bathroom set is out of your limited economic range, use those extra Mason jars you have in your pantry. We adore the wire net they used to arrange the toothbrushes; it’s a simple yet practical touch that has a rustic feel.

Wall art

A statement item for any uncomfortably empty space in your house is this Mason jar wall art. It’s a wonderful way to show off your seashell collection and give your home a coastal ambiance. Feel free to alter this do-it-yourself project to suit your interests and aesthetic.

attractive centerpiece

This sophisticated table centerpiece is perfect for a wedding or other formal occasions. Decorate with twine rope, a cheap white candle, and a rosemary sprig. This is ideal if you want subtle elegance that goes with every style and situation.

soap machine

You can always make your own soap dispenser if you can’t locate one that goes with your decor and color choice. Your old Mason jar can be transformed into a chic and useful object with the help of matte white spray paint and a humorous quotation.

Mason jar savings

Given that each Mason jar bank is packaged with a map, they are wonderful presents for lovers of exploring new places. Cut the map into strips to make application simpler, and then glue the pieces to the jar with Mod Podge.

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