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Summer 2023 Swimming Pool Design Trends

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Summer 2023 Swimming Pool Design Trends

One of the finest ways to turn your backyard into a tropical haven is by installing a pool. Whether you enjoy swimming laps or lounging in the sun, the first step is to plan a pool design that meets your needs. Since purchasing a swimming pool is a large investment, you should research current trends before making any decisions. See what the top pool design trends for 2023 have to offer and get some ideas!

advanced water features

Water features will always be in style, whether you want to create a striking visual statement or enjoy the soothing sound of running water. Your garden will feel like a tropical getaway with the addition of a natural rock waterfall.

A tranquil atmosphere is created by little cascades surrounded by dense greenery.

immersive scenery

Simply constructing a simple pool in your backyard won’t cut it in 2023. A tropical holiday that fully immerses you in the environment is the current vogue. The design frequently draws inspiration from well-known vacation spots. Designers transmit the desired décor theme to replicate a genuine vacation feel by purposefully using important materials, textures, furnishings, and landscaping.

Bosque shelf

The Baja shelf is now a common addition to backyard pools that were once only found in upscale hotels. It is a large portion of the pool with shallow water that is ideal for lounging while enjoying your favorite beverage.

pool made of salt

The year 2023 will see a lot of eco-friendly pool design trends. Since a saltwater pool doesn’t need chlorine, you won’t have to spend money on chemicals or keep them in your house. If you dislike the overpowering chlorine smell, a saltwater pool will be a welcome change. Additionally, this doesn’t harm your hair and helps prevent yellowing of your swimming suits.

Aquatic lighting

The use of a pool is not limited to the daytime hours. The dramatic impression that pool lighting creates increases your outdoor entertaining experience. There are more lighting choices available than just underwater lights for the pool area. The lights also highlight the beauty of statues, water features, and other focus areas.

Smart swimming pools

A helping hand is provided by smart home technologies in our daily lives. It is now frequently utilized in pool design. Pool temperature, water level, and lighting may all be managed by homeowners using their mobile devices.

pools with geometric shapes

Why not think about choosing an unusual shape if you want to fit a pool in a challenging layout or make a strong visual statement? The classic freeform pool lacks the eye-catching shape of a hexagon or octagon. A triangle pool’s clean lines and small shape can complement modern aesthetics.

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