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How to Personalize Your Rental Apartment in 10 Ways

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How to Personalize Your Rental Apartment in 10 Ways

backsplash made of peel and stick

Even though a rental kitchen can be an eyesore, you can make little improvements without losing your deposit. We adore the new kitchen Anna from the Modern House Vibe installed. She used a peel-and-stick backsplash to cover the ugly tiles so it could be removed with no trace. This kitchen looks contemporary and sleek thanks to the subway tile.

Stick-on hooks for a gallery wall

Those simple walls in your apartment have a lot of design potential if you want to give it personality. A vibrant gallery wall gives the room a bohemian flash of color. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about causing wall damage with stick-on hooks. The hooks are hassle-free to install and delete.

portable arch

You can give a rental property personality without painting the walls. To enhance visual weight, use vinyl paper that is peel-and-stick. The working space is defined by this chic arch, which makes a stunning statement.

hanging light

An organic modern décor concept is wonderfully complemented by a seagrass pendant light, which adds texture. Check out Aubrey’s clever workaround if you find it difficult to add a lampshade to a rental. The solution to adding lighting without performing any electrical work is battery-operated LED lights. She fastened the pendant shade to the ceiling using jute thread and a stick-on hook.

flamboyant furnishings

The vintage treasures in your neighborhood thrift shop give any room character. With its weathered appearance, this lovely dresser exudes lived-in warmth. It creates a cozy environment that is a reflection of your personality because it is filled with significant and personal stuff.

refinished kitchen floors

An old kitchen can be easily improved with cheerful flooring. In order to improve a rental kitchen, vinyl floor decals are a sure bet. The fascinating design suits the mood and effortlessly transforms the room into something contemporary. You can construct flooring to complement your preferred decor style because it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

art that is leaning

Because a few holes in the wall could jeopardize your deposit, you might have some lovely art that you wish to hang but are hesitant to do so. Choose to lean the painting against the wall in these situations. A rental flat has an unconventional air thanks to the large frames on the floor. Several frames can be stacked on the wall shelves as well.

focal wall with removable wallpaper

In a contemporary bedroom, this abstract wallpaper looks striking. A sneaky method used by many renters to beautify their area without causing damage is removable wallpaper. By doing this, you may add a lot of style to the bedroom’s central wall.

Marble countertop with contact paper

Marble contact paper is a favorite of many home design bloggers for quick changes. You can cover dated countertops in your rental home if you don’t like them. The light shade gives the look more energy and improves the design without costing a fortune.

Bathroom flooring that is self-adhesive

A light-colored floor in the bathroom gives the room a bright, airy feel. In a space that can sometimes appear antiseptic and frigid, the distinctive pattern makes a statement visually. For a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, add greenery and seagrass storage baskets.

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