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Pont piétonnier incurvé INJ ARCHITECTS

A revolutionary design for a pedestrian bridge over the river

The bridge performs as an urban mediator because it creates a direct connection between the two sides of the river. It also creates numerous activities and interventions to encourage social engagement and the community to connect. There can also be found areas with programmatic opportunities for economic growth.
The bridge’s starting point can be placed and be controlled anywhere as it creates fluid movement through the city. The circulation of pedestrians and cyclists is enriched with the views, various frames, and artistic objects. The bridge’s width is more than 100 meters, and the height is less than 5.5 meters. With this width, of course, the passing boats are allowed.
Depending on the visitors’ needs, there is a direct route when they are in a hurry and a winding, more interesting route. This winding route passes through the port and gives amazing views because it is looking over the river.
Pont piétonnier incurvé INJ ARCHITECTS
Pont piétonnier incurvé INJ ARCHITECTS

Natural ventilation and lighting

The loop that is created is great for integrating some architectural details. Simultaneously, it creates a hole in the middle, wider part of the bridge, which is perfect for natural ventilation and lighting in this area. This middle and more spacious part of the bridge is perfect for public gatherings, interactions and can be used as a social area.
Under this part, as the loop route goes, there is an interesting area that includes a kiosk, a gift and security area, and even a small shopping area for the visitors.
The materials used for the façade of the bridge are modern and interactive with their surroundings. Moving balls allow movement to occur on the building’s surface to make this kinetic façade that changes dynamically rather than static or fixed.
This façade goes perfectly with the water and making a waterfall wall, in which case the water would fall on the moving balls and then continue to flow into the river.
The roof’s idea is to be transparent and can be made of polycarbonate sheets or even PVC roofing sheets, which are usually cheaper and scratch-resistant. The strong transparent qualities easily enable light and sun to pass through this roofing material and allow the area below to be brighter.

Boating area

The spin of the bridge is touching the surface of the river’s water so slightly that it even appears as it is floating above the water. The idea of this contact between the bridge and the river is that it can be used as a boat port, that is, as a boating area altogether that is integrated with the bridge and the other program.
This project shows that one bridge can be used, not just infrastructural objects that take you from one side to another. It can also have an interesting and versatile program, taking into account the advantages of the water from the river, the passing boats, and the architectural interventions that provide different spaces for every passing visitor.
Pont piétonnier incurvé INJ ARCHITECTS