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DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN Fandelier A fandelier is a creative combination of a fan and a floor lamp (or a ceiling chandelier); hence the name of… Read More »Fandelier

IBRA Chair

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DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN IBRA Chair IBRA Chair was designed by the architect Ibrahim Nawaf Joharji. It is a unique furniture item and a piece of… Read More »IBRA Chair

Chaise moderne confortable INJ: Chaise designer professionnel

INJ Chair

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DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN INJ CHAIR: The chair is distinguished because it is composed of a modern and modern style that simulates the elements of organic… Read More »INJ Chair

Rénovation de Villa | Restauration de villa INJ ARCHITECTS

Villa 149

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DESIGN, HOUSING, INTERIOR DESIGN Villa restoration Client Praivet DATE 1-12-2019 Location Saudi Arabia Type Modern

Architecture d entreprise gouvernementale: conception INJ ARCHITECTS

Command and control buildings

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GOVERNMENT, INTERIOR DESIGN Client Ministry of Interior DATE 19/12/2014 Location Saudi Arabia Type GOVERNMENT، INTERIOR DESIGN

Design Entrée Hôtel Movenpick | Design intérieur par INJ ARCHITECTS

Movenpick Entrance

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HOSTELRY, INTERIOR DESIGN Client Movenpick AL Nawres DATE 19/02/2011 Location Saudi Arabia Type HOSTELRY ، INTERIOR DESIGN