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Architecture projects of the architectural firm Ibrahim joharji architects INJ ARCHITECTS

Find the architectural projects of our internal and external architecture office INJ ARCHITECTS on this page. Moreover, our agency helps and guides you to build the architectural project of your dreams. While helping you in all phases of your architectural project

What is a good architectural project?

Indeed, the Roman architect Vitruvius suggested that the main qualities of well-designed buildings are “convenience, firmness, and pleasure”

What is good architectural design?

Good architectural design is planning and designing buildings that are more functional, aesthetic, and sustainable. Besides, a good Architectural Design prepares clear instructions for the construction of the building as planned.Find here our INJ ARCHITECTS Architecture projects!

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Marchés d'Al Gaza

Al Gaza Markets

COMMERCIAL, PLANNING, RESEARCH Al Gaza Markets : Al Gaza Markets: is considered one of the oldest historical markets …

Arc architecture en plastique| Architecture organique| INJ ARCHITECTS

Plastic Arc

COMPETITION, DESIGN Plastic Arc: Plastic Arc: The environment still fighting the damage of the plastic, it started in …

Villa haut de gamme Architecture | Villa MABK Al Basateen par INJ Team

Luxurious Villa MABK Villa Al Basateen

MABK Villa Al Basateen: Modern Villa design of a family villa in Jeddah, on an area of 750 …

Immeuble de bureaux ZH architecture à la Mecque par INJ ARCHITECTSImmeuble de bureaux ZH architecture à la Mecque par INJ ARCHITECTS

ZH Office building

COMMERCIAL, DESIGN ZH Office building : Development design of the Danat Real Estate Company Fasade. Client Danat Real …

Architecture commerciale centre commercial Al Aziziyah par INJ ARCHITECTS

Azizia Stores

COMMERCIAL, PROJECT MANAGEMENT Client Joharji Hotel DATE 19/02/2019 Location Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Type COMMERCIAL,PROJECT MANAGEMENT

LandMark de la Silicon Valley aux États-Unis

Silicon Valley land Mark

COMPETITION, DESIGN, PUBLIC, RESEARCHAll other landmarks are silent and not productive for the environment. If we want to …

# Artwork

DESIGN, PUBLIC # Artwork project: INJ Artwork project : The goal of this artwork is that the huge …

Maisons individuelles groupées: Deyar Al Assayla par INJ ARCHITECTS

Deyar Al Assayla

DESIGN, HOUSING, MIXED USE, PLANNING, RESIDENTIAL Deyar Al Assayla: Deyar Al Assayla: Makkah is located five kilometers from …

Conseil saoudien des ingénieurs SCE par INJ ARCHITECTS

Saudi Consult Of Engineer Building in Riyadh

COMMERCIAL, DESIGN, GOVERNMENT Saudi Consult Of Engineer Building in Riyadh: Saudi Consult Of Engineer Building in Riyadh : …

Officiers et hospitalité par INJ ARCHITECTS

Officers and Hospitality

MIXED USE, RESIDENTIAL, SPORTS Officers and Hospitality: Officers and Hospitality: Center for Hospitality and HealthGym for Officers, one …

Rénovation hôtel: Hotel Al-Khudary

Al-Khudary Hotel

DESIGN, LOCAL CONSULTANT, RESEARCH Aziziah Hotel A project for the design of the restoration of a hotel building …

Villa pas cher: Construction villas Nakheel Courtyard INJ ARCHITECTS

Nakheel Courtyard villas

LOCAL CONSULTANT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT low cost villa Nakheel Courtyard villas are located on a land area of 3300 …

Chaise moderne confortable INJ: Chaise designer professionnel

INJ Chair

DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN INJ CHAIR: The chair is distinguished because it is composed of a modern and modern …

Hôtel Sesah: projet hôtellerie à la Mecque | Conception INJ ARCHITECTS

Sesah Hotel

HOSTELRY Client Joharji Hotel DATE 02/08/2017 Location Saudi Arabia Type HOSTELRY

Architecture salle de sport Gold Gym Mecque INJ ARCHITECTS

Gold Gym Makkah

COMMERCIAL, LOCAL CONSULTANT, SPORTS Gold Gym Makkah: Gold Gym Makkah: Local architectural consultant, for the design and licensing …

Nosky Program for Development Hotel Traders for Hajj


Mall Design AL Soud Plaza Centre commercial INJ ARCHITECTS

AL Soud Plaza

COMMERCIAL, LOCAL CONSULTANT AL Soud Plaza Mall: AL Soud Plaza Mall in Makkah has been developed determination of …

Rénovation de Villa | Restauration de villa INJ ARCHITECTS

Villa 149

DESIGN, HOUSING, INTERIOR DESIGN Villa restoration Client Praivet DATE 1-12-2019 Location Saudi Arabia Type Modern

Compétition Conservatoire de musique de San Francisco INJ ARCHITECTS : Détails

Opera House and Music School in San Francisco

COMPETITION Opera House and Music School in San Francisco: Opera House and Music School in San Francisco : …

Architecture d entreprise gouvernementale: conception INJ ARCHITECTS

Command and control buildings

GOVERNMENT, INTERIOR DESIGN Client Ministry of Interior DATE 19/12/2014 Location Saudi Arabia Type GOVERNMENT، INTERIOR DESIGN

Complexe résidentiel INJ: Design architectural luxe NJ ARCHITECTS

NIJ Housing Complex

RESIDENTIAL NIJ Housing Complex: NIJ Housing Complex: It is an extension of the family housing project, located on …

façade design built-in

COMMERCIAL, DESIGN, HOSTELRY, RESEARCH façade design built-in: façade design built-in: We do the studies and the design of …

Tower Al Aziziyah INJ ARCHITECTS

Azizia Tower

COMMERCIAL, HOSTELRY, LOCAL CONSULTANT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT Azizia Tower: Azizia Tower: One of the most important projects of the …

Hotel Al-Hijra: projet architectural Hotel Al-Hijra | INJ ARCHITECTS

Al-Hijrah Hotel

COMMERCIAL, HOSTELRY Al-Hijrah Hotel: Al-Hijrah Hotel : It entail and challenging new design, Mount area 43,000 cubic meters …

Héliport Île de Badiah :Conception et construction d’aéroport pour hélicoptères INJ ARCHITECTS

Design and construction of helipad

GOVERNMENT ، LOCAL CONSULTANT ، PLANNING Client Ministry of Interior DATE 19/08/2015 Location Saudi Arabia Type GOVERNMENT ، …

Compétition architecture: Chicago Transit Authority | INJ ARCHITECTS

Chicago public transport stations CTA

COMPETITION, PUBLIC, RESEARCH Chicago public transport stations CTA: Chicago public transport stations CTA : The main objective of …

Sea Home

DESIGN, RESEARCH Red Sea Home Our home is always the place we feel safe and loved, no matter …

Engineering supervision For Ministry of Interior Buildings

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Engineering supervision For Ministry of Interior Buildings: Engineering supervision For Ministry of Interior Buildings : We …

Hotel Architectural Design Analysis Studies

plan architecture arabe par INJ ARCHITECTS

Awali Hills

RESIDENTIAL Awali Hills: Awali Hills project: one of the architectural projects we have designed in the classic Arab …

Architecture Villa moderne de luxe: Villa Résidentielle AIV par INJ ARCHITECTS

AIV Residential Villa

RESIDENTIAL AIV Residential Villa: AIV Residential Villa: consisting of 3 floors and swimming pool on, was designed in …

Immeuble résidentiel ABJ: conception architecturale par INJ ARCHITECTS

ABJ Residential Building

RESIDENTIAL Client — DATE 19/02/2014 Location Saudi Arabia Type RESIDENTIAL

Architecture amusante INJ ARCHITECTS

Bridge of Apollo

COMPETITION, CULTURE, PLANNINGDepicting the ancient Greece, it gives the idea and concept of experiential architecture to the users. …

Architecture hôtelière INJ ARCHITECTS

Joharji Hotel

COMMERCIAL, HOSTELRY, LOCAL CONSULTANT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT Joharji Hotel Tawer: Joharji Hotel Tawer: Design, implementation and project management “system …

AL Hamad Avino

COMMERCIAL,CONSULTANT LOCAL,RECHERCHE AL HAMAD AVINO: AL Hamad Avino: Architectural studies for the construction of a shopping center. Client …

Villa moderne de luxe: Villa ESA Villas modernes pa INJ ARCHITECTS

ESA Villa

Danah neighbourhood - Quartier de Danah INJ ARCHITECTS

Danah neighbourhood

DESIGN, PLANNING, RESEARCH, RESIDENTIAL Danah neighbourhood: Danah neighbourhood : Driven by increased demand for residential units in the …

Couleurs de la Mecque dans les bidonvilles | Solution INJ ARCHITECTS

Makkah Colors

PLANNING, RESEARCH Makkah Colors: Makkah Colors: The more urban development has increased, the more slums and old neighborhoods …

Maisons temporaires verticales: conception par INJ ARCHITECTS

Vertical Temporary houses

PLANNING, RESEARCH Client Emirate of Makkah DATE 29/06/2012 Location Saudi Arabia Type PLANNING ، RESEARCH

Bâtiment résidentiel et architecture résidentielle INJ ARCHITECTS

Residential Building

RESIDENTIALResidential Building: This building is designed in Mecca it is a residential building, consisting of 9 apartments, and …